In an article published in Smart Business Dealmakers, Anthony Manna discussed getting his children involved in the family business. He indicates that M7’s goal moving forward is to grow with his children involved in the business at every turn.

Manna believes an essential component of success comes from building long-term relationships with people inside and outside the business. He recalls that many of his associates have been interconnected—just like a family—in the business world for nearly 25 years.

"We took a lot of time to put together our family business to make sure that we can start the process and the culture to move on to the next generation," Manna said.

"When we started out, the only two that were qualified to be on the board were my oldest daughter and my oldest son. Now we have four of the five on. Over time, it's been a revelation for us, but a lot of fun, to watch the growth. At first, they could barely participate. Now each one of them are leading the discussions on buying a business, breaking down different markets. They're the ones running the show now. So that's what we go for over the course of time. And it's proven itself out."

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