AKRON, Ohio, July, 10, 2024 – M7 Ace Neo, LLC (“M7”), a private venture capital investment entity and affiliate of M7 Holdings, LLC, is proud to announce the successful culmination of its strategic expansion in Singapore. With investments in four innovative early-stage companies, M7 has reached a significant milestone in fostering innovation and driving growth in this vibrant Southeast Asian startup ecosystem.

Beyond these recent investments in Singapore, M7 Ace Neo has made direct minority investments into over 40 technology startups within the U.S., most of which are operating in the Midwest and several in Northeast Ohio. This regional focus has bolstered the local tech ecosystem, creating jobs and driving technological advancement.

The recent investments include:


[March 2024]: Alchemy Foodtech is a food innovation company committed to enabling nutritious and delicious food for sustainable healthy living. The company provides scientifically proven solutions that lower sugar levels and glycemic index in everyday carbohydrates and dairy products without compromising on taste.


[April 2024]: SungreenH2 is a renewable energy company specializing in sustainable hydrogen production. The company employs cutting-edge technology in advanced materials to cleanly generate hydrogen using water electrolysis powered by renewable energy like solar or wind. The technology is designed for durability, manufacturability, and cutting costs while increasing hydrogen yield, reducing energy use, and eliminating precious metals.


[April 2024]: igloo specializes in designing AI-powered smart access management solutions, driving toward a keyless future. The company has over 2,500 integration partners worldwide, products carried by over 80 distributors, and serves large platforms like Airbnb, Zillow and Opendoor for remote access management. Powered by cutting-edge technology, igloo is committed to shaping the digital economy of tomorrow, aiming to be the leading smart access solutions provider and empowering a sustainable future.


[June 2024]: Beep is focused on building common networks in fragmented ecosystems, empowered by IOT, to drive data interoperability and better user experiences. Headquartered in Singapore, Beep has powered over 35 million transactions across thousands of unattended touchpoints across five countries. Beep’s eMobility arm Voltality, aims to make EV charging more seamless by building a unified gateway that allows drivers to pay directly at fueling stations through credit cards or QR codes, and also allows mobility partners to add charging connectivity directly into their own platforms, so drivers need only use one interface to charge, wherever they go.

"We are thrilled to see our expansion into Singapore's technology landscape bearing fruit," said Anthony (Tony) Manna, Chairman of M7. "These four companies epitomize the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that defines Singapore's tech ecosystem. We are particularly excited about the potential for these Singapore startups to collaborate with our portfolio companies in Northeast Ohio, bringing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to our region. This partnership will drive positive change on a global scale while enhancing the technological landscape here at home."

Yasmin Mustafa, Senior Advisor

Yasmin Mustafa, Senior Advisor to M7 based in Singapore, added,

“Our focus extends beyond these early investments. We're dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships within this dynamic landscape. Due to the fast-paced world of tech startups, sustained success hinges on the depth of connections we forge and the collaborative ventures we nurture over time.”

Yasmin Mustafa, Senior Advisor

The Singapore startups in the M7 Ace Neo portfolio will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with U.S.-based portfolio companies, including those in Northeast Ohio. This cross-continental synergy aims to facilitate global scaling efforts and potentially introduce groundbreaking technologies to the Northeast Ohio region.

The success of these investments underscores M7's commitment to supporting the growth and development of groundbreaking technology ventures worldwide. By providing not only financial capital but also strategic guidance, industry expertise, and access to a global network, M7 aims to empower the next generation of technology leaders and catalyze innovation that creates lasting value.

M7 Ace NEO, LLC (“M7”) specializes in early-stage “HardTech” investments, primarily in five sectors: (1) agricultural technology (“AgTech”), (2) clean technology (“CleanTech”), (3) deep technology (“DeepTech”), (4) Robotics, and (5) artificial intelligence (“AI”). Though these investments can be capital intensive, we believe that these five sectors hold enormous potential to create sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as food security, environmental sustainability, and technological advancement.

For more information about M7 Ace Neo and its portfolio of investments, please visit the M7 Holdings website.

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