BindTech LLC, the largest and fastest-growing group of trade book manufacturers and related services in the U.S., has expanded from coast to coast over the past six years. Starting with the acquisitions of the Riverside Group in NY (‘15), BindTech in TN (‘17), Sheridan Specialty Bindery (formerly Kingsport Book) in TN (‘19), and Roswell Bookbinding in AZ (‘19). Their extended portfolio of related graphic arts operations includes Publishers Storage & Shipping (PSSC). Acquired in 2015, PSSC has two locations, one in Michigan and one in Massachusetts.

As of November 2021, they have returned to their roots with the acquisition of fellow Cleveland-based Steffen Bookbinders Inc. Once cross-city competitors, BindTech and Steffen have come together, allowing them to strengthen their load sharing, resource distributing, and collaboration because they are in each other’s backyard.

“The legacy built by Bill and Betty Turoczy and their team at Steffen has my utmost respect,” said John Helline, CEO of BindTech. “The years of being competitors dissolved immediately as we came together on this deal. We are thrilled to add their strengths to our family. Of all our acquisitions, this is one of the most strategic and will generate some of the greatest synergies yet.”

Steffen Bookbinders was founded in 1905 by George Steffen. In 1983, Bill Turoczy purchased the 2,000 square foot operation. Over the course of 40 years, Turoczy stayed on top of the trends as he built out a 45,000 square foot facility with ultra-modern technology. Steffen specializes in layflat binding with Otabind® advanced adhesive technology and perfect binding with PUR (polyurethane reactive hotmelt) for coated and cross grain stocks.

“BindTech is going to make the company grow in new ways, which is the main reason we chose them,” said Bill Turoczy, former owner of Steffen Bookbinders. “We received numerous inquiries about purchasing the company, but none felt right. After talking with John, I knew we shared the same vision, and it was the opportunity we were looking for. As the industry continues to evolve, this team will remain committed and above the rest.”

Powered by the robust financial services of Matt Touhey at S&T Bank in Akron, this addition to the already extensive and sophisticated group of post-press service companies expands the BindTech footprint to over 360,000 sq ft in manufacturing and warehousing and more than three hundred employees across five divisions nationwide. BindTech’s commitment to quality and service has earned a trusted name throughout the Graphic Arts industry. Partnering with strong and well-respected industry leaders like Steffen Bookbinders with long-time craft expertise keeps BindTech at the forefront of this critical market.