We founded M7 based on three ideas: Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, working together as a family, and building wealth versus simply making money. Our approach helps our family and employees reach their goals, keeps our investors happy, and helps to build strong communities.

Behind each of these ideas is a story that guides our approach to investing. Embracing these ideas has been critical to our success over time.

#1: Entrepreneurship: Embrace risk, don’t run from it.

As entrepreneurs, we see the possibilities in building businesses, and we’re comfortable taking risks. We know that you fail 100% of the time when you don’t try. When our investors are presented with a solid investment opportunity, we know that it’s worth taking the risk.

Many people evaluate risk by asking: what happens if I do this? What’s the negative outcome? The better question is: What happens if I don’t take this risk? At M7, we don’t govern our decisions based on fear of uncertainty. We explore it, analyze the situation, and make informed decisions. More often than not, taking the risk pays off.

Why is risk-taking important in the big picture? When a group of men 65+ plus was asked what they regretted the most in life, the top answer was not taking more risks.

#2 Family-focused: As a family, we’re stronger together.

Our family takes investment risks together, and it impacts us all. We’re all invested in the process, and we all work to get the most out of the experience. We try to cultivate each family member’s interests and ideas, and we strive to promote individual growth through opportunity and a positive work environment.

Why family? The same group of men 65+ also noted their second biggest regret: Not spending enough time with family.

#3: Building Wealth: It’s not just about the money.

We’re not stashing money away just to amass a treasure chest of fortune. We’re building wealth to support the broader community and enrich each other's lives. Successful businesses create jobs, increase city revenues, and create opportunities for the community. Successful communities reach their goals and have a vibrant culture where people thrive.

We believe that good comes from spending time together, experiencing the world, and supporting each other. And leaving this place a little better than it was when we started. That’s what wealth is.

The ideas that orient M7’s culture allow our investment firm to accomplish extraordinary things. Our goal is to use resources wisely to benefit our families and build communities. We’re working for a bigger purpose that goes beyond dollars and cents.