INSIDER | JUNE 29, 2023

An article published by Insider on June 29, 2023, detailed how private investment firms of the wealthy are investing in AI, but with caution. Insider spoke to several family office insiders, including Tony Manna of M7 Holdings, to learn how to find real deals amid the AI hype cycle.

In the article, Tony acknowledges that he relies on the M7 Ace Neo team to evaluate and recommend deals in AI. M7 Ace Neo has made several investments in startups utilizing machine learning, such as Bloomfield Robotics, which detects crop health from images and predicts optimal times for harvesting and planting.

The article also points out that Manna is optimistic about the applications of AI, particularly in agricultural technology and manufacturing, but he too is tired of AI being used as a marketing buzzword.

For Manna, the decision to invest comes down to the end-product and commercial plan rather than the inner workings of the technology. “I don’t give a damn what the AI is, the technology or whatever,” he said. “It all comes down to people.”

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